Ukraine Will Limit Stay of Russians on Its Territory By 90 days

Ukraine intends to introduce a norm for Russian citizens, according to which they have a right to stay on the territory of the country no more than 90 days over 180 days. Introduction of the formula 90/180 for the Russians is at the stage of practical implementation.

Director of the consular service department Andriy Sybiha told a briefing about this on Tuesday, Kyiv.

“The Russian side introduced such a formula for our citizens. The formula 90/180 will be introduced for Russian citizens too. This is at the stage of practical implementation,” he noted.

As the diplomat explained, 90 days will be calculated since the date of the first entry to the territory of Ukraine.

To remind, the Russian side introduced the rules since January 1 this year, according to which the term of a temporary stay in Russia cannot exceed 90 days totally over each period of 180 days.

Source: Ukrinform

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