Ukraine Moves to Second Phase of Visa Liberalization With EU

The European Union has recognized the full implementation by Ukraine of the first phase of benchmarks of the action plan on visa liberalization and moved the state to the second phase.

This decision was made at a meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg on Monday.

“The Council shares the analysis that Ukraine has fulfilled all the benchmarks under the first phase of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan and decides to launch the assessment of the benchmarks under the second phase,” the foreign ministers of EU member states said.

According to the report, the Council stressed the need for full and effective implementation of all benchmarks during the second phase.

As reported, Ukraine received an action plan on visa liberalization with the EU in November 2010. The implementation of the plan will help Ukrainian citizens with biometric passports to make short-term trips to the Schengen countries without visas.


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