Lufthansa Cancels Flights to Donetsk


By security considerations, Germany airlines Lufthansa cancelled its flights from Munich to Donetsk and back until June 10 inclusive.
Official representative of the air carrier Martin Riken told a special correspondent of Ukrinform in Germany on Tuesday.
“By security considerations, Lufthansa will not flight to Donetsk until June 10,” he said.

As reported before:

Due to the temporary closure of the airport in Donetsk, German airlines Lufthansa cancelled flights from Munich do Donetsk and back until June 2 inclusive.
Speaker of the airlines Martin Rieken told a special correspondent of Ukrinform in Germany.

“Due to the closure of the airport, Lufthansa decided to cancel not only the today’s flight, but all the flights to Donetsk until June 2,” he said.

Previously, Lufthansa already cancelled flights on the route Munich-Donetsk-Munich on May 7-12.


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  1. Cancelations generate a big damage to passengers who have spent a lot of money, and surely they will spent because of this reason. helps to avoid this type of situations causing damage to the airlines with its claims.

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