ICAO Says Crimea Part of Ukraine - State Aviation Administration

The position of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) over the belonging of the airspace over the Autonomous Republic of Crimea remains unchanged: it is controlled by Ukraine, chairman of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine Denys Antoniuk said after an informal meeting with ICAO Secretary General Raymond Benjamin and Regional Director of the ICAO European and North Atlantic Office Luis Almeida on Friday.

“The information distributed by the Russian media regarding ICAO’s support for Russia’s belonging of the airspace over Crimea is not true. ICAO’s position regarding support for a UN resolution on Ukraine’s territorial integrity remains unchanged,” he said. Antoniuk added that the ICAO recognizes Crimea part of Ukraine, and the Black Sea area as has been delegated to Ukraine so it remains. Consequently, the airspace over the peninsula and the Black Sea is the exclusive right of Ukraine’s state aviation authorities. A reminder that on Thursday Russian media reported quoting Russian Deputy Minister of Transport that the ICAO had allegedly recognized that air navigation support over Crimea and Black Sea territorial waters should be provided by Russia, not Ukraine.

Source: nrcu.gov.ua

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