Ukrainian Gamer Passes All Levels in WoW - First Time Ever

The first person in the world’s history to pass all the levels in the famous online game – World of Warcraft became a Ukrainian gamer, reported German Die Welt. A 32-year-old Andriy from Kyiv reportedly spent 17,000 hours gaming online in order to complete the current version of the role-playing game.

Andriy’s WoW character’s name is Hiruko; Hiruko reached the highest level – 90th, and collected the maximum number of achievements – 2057, in about 10 years’ time. “It’s as if a tremendous burden has fallen off my shoulders,” Ukrainian gamer said. “I was dead tired, but happy.” According to his own statistics, he virtually killed more than 1.4 million players while his own character died 42,685 times.

Andriy refused to give his last name to the journalists, yet confessed that he spent the third part of his life in the virtual world. He commented that he did not follow the revolutionary events in Ukraine because even though he physically lived in Kyiv, the young man spent most of his time with Orcs and Elves.

Notably, the hard-core gamer will be able to boast his achievement until December 2014, for this is when the new addition of the WoW is expected to be released. Currently, on the verge of success, Andriy is planning to complete Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 online role-playing games.

Interestingly, Ukraine gamers are recognized around the world. Thus, in July 2013, Ukrainian gamer Dendi became number seven highest earning gamer in the world, with prize income of USD 275,800.28.

Dendi is the username for Danylo Ishutin, 23, whose game of preference is Dota 2. He participated in 23 tournaments. Ishutin is followed in the rating by Clement Ivanov (Puppy) from Estonia and Oleksandr Dashkevych (XBOCT) from Ukraine. Both gamers earned the exact same amount of prize money – nearly USD 275,000 – in Dota 2.

Another Ukrainian gamer occupies the 30th position in the international rating, otherwise dominated by South Korean gamers (a total of 45 South Korean representatives are featured on the top 100 list). Ukrainian gamer ArtStyle (Ivan Antonov), 22, won more than USD 200,000 in three tournaments in Dota 2.

Dendi, XBOCT and ArtStyle also took places in the Highest Single Game Earnings list – the 5th, 7th, and 29th spots, respectively. All three Ukrainian gamers belong to the multigaming club Na’Vi (Natus Vincere).

Source: WNU-Ukraine

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