Ukraine is One of Six Countries That Have a Full Production Cycle of Space Technology

Ukraine is one of six countries that have high space technology and development, as well as the possibility of full project cycle according to the first astronaut of Ukraine, Air Force Maj. Gen. Leonid Kadenyuk.

He noted that the potential of the space sphere allows Ukraine to implement the global space projects. According to the expert, support of the industry, not only at the level of the State Space Agency and the Government, but also at the level of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada will help to develop high technology for peaceful space exploration.

“At the Verkhovna Rada, the Committee on Information and Information Technology, headed by Omelchenko, is engaged in the space technology and development now. Generally, space sphere in Ukraine should be a priority, then it will grow rapidly,” – said L. Kadenyuk.

According to L. Kadenyuk realization of space project “Lybid”, and launch of Ukrainian communications satellite will allow Ukraine to save annually 30-40 million dollars.

“This project is very necessary for Ukraine. Now it is at the testing stage, which is necessary before the start. Now we use foreign satellites and Ukraine annually pays $30-40 million for that. Though, for example, Israel has several satellites despite the fact that this country is not a space one,”- said L.Kadenyuk.

Source: UNN

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