The level of Ukrainian IT specialists is among the highest in the world

Jim Walsh the Chief of Technology of the Global Logic (USA) confirms the World Bank forecasts that in 2015 Ukraine will be 6th in the world by exporting IT services. He told about this the TV channel BTB, reports UNN.

The expert noted that Ukraine does have extremely strong prospects of the sector of information technologies and the World Bank confirmed predictions about leaving Ukraine in the next two years, the sixth largest in the world in terms of exports of IT – services.

“I made my independent study … Yeah, maybe! The number of talents in Ukraine is impressive. The population is 45 million people, but you release more people with higher education than we have in the United States. In statistic I saw that Ukraine is less than 1% of the world’s population, but has 6% of scientists, engineers and programmers who generally live in the world. I believe in a significant role of high standards of your education, “- said J. Walsh.

Touching the qualification of Ukrainian specialists and quality of their work, the expert added:
“It is incredibly high. We in our company engaged in the development of products. In 6600 we employ people worldwide and Ukraine there is a little more than a third. And we understand – this is what Ukrainian system of education creates people who know what to think. They know how to solve problems, learn new technologies – this is a key to successful product development “, – assured the expert.

He also praised the actions of the Ukrainian government on tax incentives for companies IT industry. In his view, the global IT industry requests for Ukrainian specialists will only grow.

Recall now the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered a draft law aimed at the development and promotion of IT industry. According to the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Informatization and Information Technology Valeriy Omelchenko, tax incentives, provided the bill number 2063, will take Ukrainian IT Company out of the “shadow”.

“Changes in the tax code that we offer in the bill will be able to create an attractive business climate in the area of IT and high tech. And then the Ukrainian development and start-ups will be interesting both for domestic investors and foreign companies, “- says the MP.

Source: UNN

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