Ukrainian Larysa Soloviova sets three world records for powerlifting

Larysa Soloviova stunned the competition as she set three powerlifting world records for middleweight women at the 2013 World Games in Cali, Colombia. Soloviova squatted 235kg, raising the world record by 5kg. Then, her bench press was a new world record of 166kg. While Soloviova attempted to raise her dead lift world record, it didn’t budge, and she tied it at 235kg. These three weights added together comprised her final score of 636kg and set Soloviova’s final world record for the total weight lifted by a middle weight woman.

Like the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Soloviova won the gold medal and established herself as one of the best lifters in history. In second place for the Women’s Middleweight Powerlifting competition was Ukraine’s Tetyana Akhmamyetyeva. Akhmamyetyeva finished with a total weight of 572.5kg where she squatted 225kg, benched 152.5kg, and deadlifted 195kg.

On the men’s side, Vadym Dovganyuk of Ukraine won the gold medal in the Men’s Heavy Weight Powerlifting competition. Dovganyuk set a new world record in the bench press at 322.5kg. Then, with a squat of 390.0kg and deadlift of 317.5kg, his total was 1030.0kg. Also in the men’s heavyweight competition was Sergii Bilyi of Ukraine. While he had an impressive performance, he could not break into the top three and placed 4th overall.

In other competitions, Ukraine has won gold in the Hoop competition of Rhythmic Gymnastics, Men’s 85kg Jiu-Jitsu, Men’s Middleweight Sumo, Women’s Middleweight Sumo, and Men’s Trampoline Tumbling.

The World Games is an international event that is made to contest sports that are not included in the Olympic Games. The World Games in Cali began July 25, 2013 and continues until August 4, 2013. In the medal count, Ukraine is currently in 6th place with 24 total medals: seven gold, nine silver, and eight bronze medals. In the final days of the competition, Ukraine will be looking to rise even higher in the medal standing to possibly enter the top three.

Currently Italy is in first with 15 gold, 13 silver, and 13 bronze medals, however, Russia and France aren’t behind with 40 medals and 31 medals respectively.

Update. On the last day of the Powerlifting competition, August 1, 2013, Ukraine had more impressive results. Olena Kozlova took gold in the Women’s Super Heavyweight category. Also, Viktor Testov acheived second overall in the Men’s Super Heavyweight category.

Source: WNU-Ukraine

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