Ukraine Not to Host EuroBasket 2015

Ukraine will not host the EuroBasket 2015 European Basketball Championship, according to the official Twitter page of FIBA Europe.

“The Board of FIBA Europe decided to relocate EuroBasket 2015 from Ukraine to a new destination(s),” reads the report.

Until recently, the Ukrainian authorities tried to keep EuroBasket 2015 for Ukraine, in particular, during a recent visit by FIBA Europe President Turgay Demirel to the country. However, the circumstances were higher than the aspirations of the Ukrainian organizers.

Ukraine won the right to host EuroBasket 2015 in 2011. Now about ten countries will claim to host the tournament and they have time until July 31. Favorites are France, Spain and Turkey.

However, Ukraine has an advantage if it decides to host the basketball championship in 2017.


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