Kyiv Bids for EURO 2020

Aiming to repeat 2012 EURO football championship success, Ukraine submitted Kyiv and Donetsk as its next EURO bids. The Eastern European country has offered two of its major stadiums – Olimpiyskyi in Kyiv and Donbass Arena in Donetsk for hosting of the EURO 2020 European Football Championship. Olimpiyskyi bids to host the semifinals and final, while Donbass Arena is hoping to get one of the 12 standard sets – three group matches and a playoff.

Once the bidders are confirmed on September 19-20, 2013, the evaluation will be scheduled for spring 2014. The results of the bid will be known on September 19-20, 2014, when the host cities of EURO 2020 will be announced.

Notably, the championship can only be hosted by one city per country, which means that either Kyiv or Donetsk would be able to host the EURO 2020. The restriction is part of the concept, offered by the UEFA’s Executive Committee.

The concept envisions staging “a EURO for Europe in 2020, rather than a tournament in one or two host countries,” informs The committee decided that the UEFA EURO 2020 final round would be held in 13 cities around Europe, reads the official website of the organization.
The idea behind the new concept is to get more cities in Europe into the spirit of the football festival that EURO is and have the opportunity to host at least part of EURO, which otherwise they would not be able to accomplish.

Ukraine has been the co-host of the EURO 2012. The championship turned out to be a memorable experience for both Ukraine and Poland, as well as for the guests of the event. Each of the eight hosting cities dedicated effort to improving its sports, transport, and overall tourist infrastructure, but also brought additional mood to the football championship by setting up fan zones.
Scattered across the hosting cities, the fans had an opportunity to get together at the massive zones with huge LED screens broadcasting the matches live, as well as providing supplementary entertainment – cultural, music, art, and sport events. The spirit of the championship kept on living in the cities long after the matches have been played. Following the new concept, EURO for Europe has a chance to become a similar experience for football fans across Europe in 2020.

Source: WNU Ukraine

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