Ukraine Has The New President - Petro Poroshenko Sworns In

Petro Poroshenko has been sworn in as a President of Ukraine, setting out a plan to bring peace to the conflict-torn east of the country. The 48-year-old pro-European businessman Petro Poroshenko has won an emergency presidential election in Ukraine with 54,7% of the vote in first round. He offered political concessions to people in the east and said he did not want war or revenge. “I don’t want war. I don’t want revenge, despite the huge sacrifice of the Ukrainian people.”

Petro Poroshenko noted in his speech, that his country would never give up Crimea, it would “always be Ukrainian”, and would not compromise on its path towards closer ties with Europe. “Citizens of Ukraine will never enjoy the beauty of peace unless we settle down our relations with Russia. Russia occupied Crimea, which was, is, and will be Ukrainian soil,” Poroshenko said in a speech that was greeted with a standing ovation.

Mr Poroshenko, the owner of the Roshen chocolates group, stressed the need for a united Ukraine and the importance of ending the conflict that threatens to further split the country of 45 million people. He said it would not become a looser federalized state, but he promised more powers of self-governance for the regions—by reforming the constitution and decentralizing control. He vowed to respect easterners’ right to speak Russian but said Ukrainian would remain the only official state language.

He also vowed to fulfill all necessary requirements so Ukrainians can travel to Europe without visas starting in January 2015 and one day become citizens of the EU. To do that, he promised to snuff out corruption.

During Mr. Yanukovych’s inauguration in 2010, the doors to the Ukrainian parliament began closing as he tried to walk in the door—an accident many Ukrainians later said served as a harbinger of his ultimate rejection by the country’s people.

On Saturday morning, as Mr. Poroshenko walked up to the same doors, a soldier standing guard dropped his gun and stumbled amid the sweltering heat, looking as if he was about to faint. Mr. Poroshenko continued on into the parliament. On his way out of the building, the new Ukrainian president stopped to check on the soldier’s health. So, now Ukrainian people while discussing this accident say that it is a good sign, that Ukraine will set aside the arms and become the peacful country.

About 60 official foreign delegations were present at the inauguration of the fifth Ukrainian President at the Ukrainian Parliament in the capital Kyiv. In particular, the inauguration was attended by the presidents of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, Georgia, Giorgi Margvelashvili, Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaite, Poland, Bronislaw Komorowski, US Vice President Joe Biden, Russia’s ambassador Mikhail Zurabov, as well as the presidents of Albania, Austria, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Prime Minister of Canada and other countries.

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Петро Порошенко прийняв присягу і вступив на посаду президента України. Він зачитав текст присяги президента України за трибуною Верховної Ради, а після цього скріпив своїм підписом текст присяги.

Після цього Порошенко зайняв місце глави держави у залі Верховної Ради.
Президент також підписав указ про прийняття повноважень головнокомандувача ЗС України. Глава ЦВК вручив Порошенку посвідчення президента. Крім того, йому були вручені регалії глави держави – булава, гербова печатка і знак у вигляді орденського ланцюга.


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