Latest Ukrainian and Kyiv news

Ukraine Ahead of Russia in Forbes’ Best Country for Business List

Ukraine is ranked 88th for businesses according to Forbes’ Best Countries for Business report ranking 146 countries and stays in the list between El Salvador and Madagascar. Last year, Ukraine took the 99th place, five places up compared with 2012.

Note, that Russia ranks 91th and is below Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia (47th), Azerbaijan (60th), Kazakhstan (65th), Ukraine (88th) and Moldova (75th).


December Events in Kyiv

The first month of winter promises to bring a variety of bright and festive events, including cheerful Christmas fairs, where you can drink mulled wine, buy a souvenir gingerbread and Christmas decorations. It is where you can experience the magic of the New Year and to believe in a fairy tale.


Ukrainian Content in YouTube Increased 37% This Year

According to Google the growth of Ukrainian content on YouTube for October 2013 – October 2014 amounted to 37%. This was stated by the Director of the YouTube Partner Program in Eastern Europe Yuri Khazanov at a press conference.

Top Ukraine-produced news channels included “Gromadske TV” with 307 thousand subscribers and more than 126 million views, “Espreso-TV» (182 thousand subscribers and 33 million views), “Channel 5” (210 thousand subscribers and 113 million views).