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Kyiv, Ukraine @ GoKiev.info

Kiev / Kyiv..... one of the greatest cities in Europe. Honore de Balzac, the famous French novelist, wrote: "Petersburg is a young city, Moscow is an ancient city, but Kyiv is the eternal city. It is a Northern Rome."

Welcome to GoKiev.info - Accommodation: Youth Hostels.

    There are not so many Youth hostels in Kyiv and they are all not like the ones in the West. Hostel System by itself is not new fro Ukraine, but hostels for tourists or Youth hostels are a pretty recent innovation (the first appeared in 2003). They just now started to develop and more or less comply with the European standards.

     Hostels of the Soviet type are widely spread in Ukraine and Kyiv and meant for the students, workers and their families. They look like the regular 5 to 9 storied building, more often without balconies. Typically they have a "corridor" structure, when rooms go both sides of the long corridor. There is usually one bathroom and a kitchen per floor. Some other hostels have a "block" structure, when there's one bathroom per block of two or three rooms. Maybe that is the reason why the newly reated Youth hostels look somewhere in between a hostel and a regular hotel. Sometimes they are just rennovated and rebuilt from the Soviet type hostels or old Soviet hotels.

     The prices for the bed are also quite high, taking into the account cost / quality definitions and comaring with the Eusropean hostels.
     But still, this sphere of the Ukrainian hospitality industry just started to develop and needs more time and experience until it becomes on a level or at least close to the European one.

Kyiv (Kiev) Hostels

Hostelukraine Kiev Backpackers

Address: 28, Yaroslaviv Val Street, 4th floor, Apt. 13, Kyiv, Ukraine. Code on the door 345 (must be pressed simultaneously). It is located only 4 minutes walk from the Golden Gates and 8 min from the Main Kyiv (Kiev) Street Kreschatyk, and 10 min to St. Sophia's Cathedral. Nearest metro stop: Khreschatik (red line)

Characteristics: Western style hostel, newly opened. Prices start from about $30. No curfew.

Hostelukraine Kiev Backpackers

International Youth Hostel Yaroslav

Address: 10, Yaroslavska Street, Podil, Kyiv, Ukraine. First floor in the inner yard. Code on the entrance door is 47 (must be pressed simultaneously). Hostelling International sign on the window. Nearest metro stop: Kontraktova Ploscha (blue line)
Tel: +38 (044) 417 31 89
Characteristics: The oldest hostel in Kiev. Prices start from about $29.

Web-site: Hostel Yaroslav (in Ukrainian / Russian / English)

International Youth Hostel Yaroslav

International Youth Hostel Olympic

Address: 3, Marshala Zhukova Street, Kyiv, Ukraina. Right across the street from the Fire Station, left bank of Dnipro river. Nearest metro stop: Lisova (red line)

Characteristics: 20 beds, prices start from about $20. No curfew

Web-site: Hostel Olympic (in Ukrainian / Russian / English)

International Youth Hostel Olympic

International Youth Hostel Kiev

Address: 52-A, Artema street, Korpus 2, 8th floor. International Youth Hostel Kiev is situated in the downtown Kiev, 15 min. to the Saint Sofia Cathedral and Independence square. The Hostel is located in a 9-storey building situated very close to Pokrovskiy Monastery. Nearest metro stop: Lukyanivs'ka (green line)
Tel/Fax: +38 (044) 481 38 38
Characteristics:60 beds, prices start from about $27-29. Block system: the bathroom and toilet is shared for two rooms in the block.

Web-site: Hostel Kiev (in Ukrainian / Russian / English)

International Youth Hostel Kiev


Kyiv (Kiev) Hostels for groups.

Hostel for groups Vydubychi

Address: Kyiv, Ukraina. Located in the industrial area about 20 minutes walk from the metro station. Nearest metro stop: Vydubychi (green line)

Characteristics: 10 + people, prices start from about $20.

Web-site: Hostel Vydubychi (in Ukrainian / Russian / English)

Hostel for gtoups Vydubychi

International Youth Hostel for goups Karavan

Address: Located in an ecologically clean area close to Kyiv, called Koncha Zaspa. (about 40-45 min. to the center of Kyiv by public transport)

Characteristics: 264 beds, football, basketball, volleyball fields, billiards, ping pong. Prices start from about $21-22.

Web-site: Hostel for goups Karavan (in Ukrainian / Russian / English)

International Youth Hostel for goups Karavan

International Hostel Tatarka

Address: 77, Lukjanivska Street, Ukraine. Hostel is located in a historical part of old Kiev - Tatarka on the Khorevitsa hill. Nearest metro stop: Lukyanivs'ka (green line)

Characteristics: up to 50 people. Conference hall for 40 people. No curfew. 10 minutes to the Independence square. Prices start from about $23.

Web-site: International Hostel Tatarka (in Ukrainian / Russian / English)

International Hostel Tatarka








Note: The information contained herein is intended for informational purposes only. GoKiev.info (U.B.K.) seeks to collect the most accurate and up to date information possible but of course, specific details are subject to change at short notice - something for which we cannot be held accountable. If you find a mistake, please feel free to let us know at gokiev@email.ua

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