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Kyiv, Ukraine @ GoKiev.info

Kiev / Kyiv..... one of the greatest cities in Europe. Honore de Balzac, the famous French novelist, wrote: "Petersburg is a young city, Moscow is an ancient city, but Kyiv is the eternal city. It is a Northern Rome."

Welcome to GoKiev.info - Accommodation: Guest Houses and Apartments.

     A Guest House is a competitive alternative to the hostels and hotels. They usually offer better services for less money. Guest Houses are a quite recent innovation in Ukraine. They usually look like a small hotel; nice and cosy.

      If you like complete privacy, comfort, want to be able to cook your favorite meals , or just look for a cheaper and better alternative to basic Ukrainian hotels, then private apartments are meant for you.

     Many companies in Kyiv offer private lodging, which vary from the budget to luxury apartments. Budget apartments are usually of a Soviet style with old Soviet furniture. Location of such apartments leaves much to be desired, but still could be found close to the metro stations. Usually they are not equipped with such electrical appliances as microwave, washing machine and air conditioner, but they are clean and have the basics like a refridgerator, a gas stove, a TV-set and maybe an electric kettle. Every apartment has got linen, some plates and cups, one or two pots and a frying pan.

 Note: Apartments in Ukraine are described by how many "rooms" they have but not "bedrooms". (Rooms not counting the kitchen and bath). For example a one room would be what you would call a studio and two rooms what you would call a one-bedroom apartment.

    More expensive places of a Western Style or so called apartments with "evroremont" (euro renovation) have nice modern furniture and all nessesary equipment, including a nice TV-set, DVD player, washing machine, fridge, air conditioner, etc. By your request, the maid will clean your apartment if you are staying longer than a couple of days (sometimes it is included in the price, sometimes for an additional fee).

Kyiv (Kiev) Guest Houses.

Sherborne Guest House

Address: 9, Sichneviy Provulok, Kyiv, 01010, Ukraine. Nearest metro stop: Arsenal'na (red line)
Tel.: +38 (044) 490 96 93 / 490 96 99
Characteristics: Wi-Fi Internet.
Email: reservation@sherbornehotel.com.ua

Web-site: Sherborne Guest House (in Russian / English)

Sherborne Guest House

Partner Guest House

Address: 19, Baseina Street, Kyiv, 01004, Ukraine. Located in the centre of Kiev, 350 metres from the shopping mall Mandarin Plaza. Nearest metro stop: Palats Sportu (green line)

Characteristics: 20 air conditioned apartments. Front desk is open from 9am to 9pm. Internet access.

Web-site: Partner Guest House



Kyiv (Kiev) Apartments.

Senator Apartments City Center

Address: 6, Pyrohova Street, Kyiv 01030, Ukraine. Nearest metro stop: Universytet (red line)
Tel.: +38 (044) 200 77 55
Fax:+38 (044) 200 77 33
Email: info@senator-apartments.com or citycenter@senator-apartments.com

Senator Apartments Executive Court

Address: 62/20, Dmytrivska Street, Kyiv 01054, Ukraine. Nearest metro stop: Lukyanivs'ka (green line)
Tel.: +38 (044) 220 05 55
Fax:+38 (044) 220 03 33

Web-site: Senator Apartments (in Ukrainian / Russian / English)

Senator Apartments

Tsar Village Apartments

Address: 4, Staronavodnyts'ka Street, Suite 43, Kyiv, 01015, Ukraine. Nearest metro stop: Pechers'ka (green line)
Tel.: +38 (044) 280 23 16
Tel./Fax:+38 (044) 280 33 15

Web-site: Tsar Village Apartments (in English)

Tsar Village Apartments

KievRent Apartments

Address: 3, Baseina Street, Suite 27, Kyiv, 01004 , Ukraine. Door Code 2003. Nearest metro stop: Palats Sportu (green line)
Tel.: +38 (044) 201 84 38 (Office work 9am - 9pm)

KievRent Apartments







Note: The information contained herein is intended for informational purposes only. GoKiev.info (U.B.K.) seeks to collect the most accurate and up to date information possible but of course, specific details are subject to change at short notice - something for which we cannot be held accountable. If you find a mistake, please feel free to let us know at gokiev@email.ua

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Essential Ukrainian words and phrases for the English Speaking Traveler

Essential Russian words and phrases for the English Speaking Traveler


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