Ukraine Will Host European Taekwondo Championships 2014

The European Taekwondo Union announced that Ukraine will host the 2014 European Taekwondo Championships. The tournament will take place in May 2014. The Ukrainian Federation of Taekwondo (UFT) is responsible for the organization of the event.

Taekwondo is a martial art that combines elements of self-defense, exercise, as well as meditation and philosophical agenda. It originates from Korea. Approximately in 1950s, taekwondo established two branches – traditional taekwondo and sports taekwondo. Taekwondo became popular in Ukraine in 1990s.

Currently, top Ukrainian taekwondo athletes include Olha Cherkun, Maryna Koneva, Oleksandr Levynchuk, Iryna Romoldanova, and Hanna Soroka, informs the UFT website. Olha Cherkun, 28, received silver medal at the 2008 European Taekwondo Championships in Rome, Italy. Additionally, in 2010, she won two international A-Class Tournaments in Azerbaijan and Israel.

Maryna Koneva, 25, was third at the Trellenborg A-Class Tournament in 2011. Oleksandr Levynchuk, 21, won the international taekwondo tournament Czech Open in 2010. In 2011, he was third best at the Trellenborg Open in Sweden.

Iryna Romoldanova, 18, won both Dutch Open 2011 (seniors, 46 kg) and Trellenborg Open 2011 (juniors, 44 kg). In 2011, Hanna Soroka, 24, took second place in the 49 kg category at the international tournament in the Netherlands.

The previous 2012 European Taekwondo Championships took place in Manchester, England. France won most medals – ten total, including three gold, while Turkey and Russia became the first and second runner-ups, respectively.

Official website of the UFT

Source: WNU-ukraine

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