Exhibition of Ukrainian painting Fata Morgana

On August 15 – September 15, at Kyiv’s National Cultural-Art and Museum Complex Mystetskyi Arsenal Pan-Ukrainian inter-museum project Fata Morgana will take place. This is an exhibition of Ukrainian painting from its beginnings to modern days.

The organizers claim the project to be a large-scale painted art event in the country. Fata Morgana will involve a notable educational program, including an international conference on painting.

Most ancient examples of Ukrainian painting go back to the times of the Kyivan Rus (9-13 centuries) and are mostly Christianity-related works. Numerous mosaics and frescos decorate Ukrainian Orthodox churches.
By the 17th century portraits became the dominating style in the Ukrainian painting. Realist Dmytro Levytskyi and portraitist Volodymyr Borovikovsky were the most famous Ukrainian painters of the 18th century. By the 19th century Ukrainian painting evolved into numerous styles – academic art, classicism, engraving, graphics, landscape art, realism, etc. One of the most known artists during the time was Ilya Repin.

Impressionist painting style was adopted by Ukrainian painters in the 20th century. Famous representative of this painting technique was Mykola Burachek. Additionally, Ukrainian painters created works in the genres of abstractionism, formalism, futurism, and socialist realism. The most outstanding artistic creation of this period was Black Square by Ukrainian supermatist Kazimir Malevich.

When: August 15 – September 15, 2013
Where: National Cultural-Art and Museum Complex Mystetskyi Arsenal, 10-12 Lavrska St., Kyiv

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