Kiev subway

Kyiv Metro was opened in the fall of 1960. Construction spanned eleven years, from 1949 to 1960. The first line was tagged the red line, namely Sviatoshyns’ko-Brovars’ka.

At present there are 3 operating lines in the Kyiv Subway System. The total length is about 58,7 km. There are 445 etro Stations along with 3 points of interchange, where you can change from one line to another. There are approximately 664 metro wagons and 119 escalators.

Do you know, that the deepest metro station in Europe is Kyiv metro station Arsenal’na (red line). Its depth is about 105 meters! The depth of the station influenced on its inner design. The thick pylons of the station are open for the passengers only in two sides of the platform. Almost all of the central hall is occupied by the official metro facilities, which is not very comfortable for passengers. However it allowed to shorten the length of the station.

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