Ukrainian Professionals Lead Europe at Global Skills Competition Brainbench 2013

Ukraine became the best country in Europe as the International Most Master Level Certified Nation at the Global Skills Competition Brainbench 2013. With more than 11 million members from 50 countries who participated in the worldwide competition Brainbench 2013, 56 representatives of Ukraine demonstrated incredible results in programming languages, frameworks, database knowledge and graphics as well as in French.

The competition, which took place on October 14-25, 2013, provided awards in three nominations: International Most Certified Citizens, International Most Master Level Certified Nation and United States Most Certified State. Ukraine took the second spot in the certified nation nomination, following the U.S. and the third spot in the Certified Citizens nomination following the U.S. and India. Therefore, Ukraine has been determined as the second best nation who has the most master level (score of 4.0 or higher with highest being 5.0) certified citizens and the third nation in the world who has the most certified citizens, becoming the leading country in Europe in both nominations. Interestingly, none of such developed countries as Germany, Canada and Israel got into the top ten list.

The participants were offered to take tests in nine categories which included the evaluation of more than 600 skills in such areas as aptitude, computer software, essential skills, financial, healthcare, information technology, languages and communication, management and office skills.

Notably, more than 15,000 leading employers all over the world use Brainbench certifications in their daily hiring and promotion decisions, reads the competition website. Reportedly, partnering with Brainbench may advance the careers for its members, allows for better career opportunities, more interesting work, and more money. It is not uncommon for the people with brainbench certification to experience an increase in earnings by 20 percent or even more in the skill-oriented workplaces. In addition, the certification is claimed to measure, develop and enhance one’s skills, compare skills to those of other professionals and make the score available to the hundreds of employers who look for talented professionals.

Source: WNU-Ukraine

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