Ukraine Abandons 15,000 Soviet Standards and Switches to European Standardization System

Ukraine will transfer to the European standardization system. It refuses 15,000 Soviet state standards and the adopts the European ones. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatseniuk on his Twitter page.

“Ukraine is abolishing Soviet standards. 15,000 new standards will be introduced in accordance with the EU agreement,” the prime minister wrote. “We officially declare that Ukraine abandons Russian and Soviet state standards. 15,000 new standards will be introduced, by the way, according to the Ukraine – EU Association Agreement. This will require a lot of time, which is why we have set a deadline for ourselves – 2016, this is an optimistic deadline,” the Prime Minister stated at a government meeting.

Earlier, First Deputy Minister of Economic Development Valerii Piatnitskyi stated that the government expects to adapt the technical standards and regulations to EU norms and finalize the work on 3,000 standards by the end of the year.


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