Agriculture Ministry Expects 2014 Grain Harvest to Be Higher Than Last Year

Agriculture Ministry of Ukraine forecasts that grain harvest in 2014 will improve upon last year when it totalled 63 million tons.

“This harvest will be larger in volume than the last year’s harvest, despite the fact that we have the occupied territory of Crimea and we lost part of the crops in Luhansk and Donetsk regions,” Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Ihor Shvaika said. He did not specify the final figure for the forecast saying that the forecast is based on good indicators of the grain crop yield.

He said that up to 75% of wheat harvest is bread group wheat of first to fifth classes. As of August 12, Ukraine threshed early grain and leguminous crops on almost 10 million hectares, harvesting 34 million tonnes of grain. According to the Ukrainian weather centre, the grain harvest in Ukraine will be 63 million tonnes.


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