What Ukrainians Most Want to Get as New Year’s Gift

Over 60% of respondents surveyed by a chain of gadget and accessory stores Citrus want to get a gadget, less than a third a journey as New Year’s gifts, according to the Korrespondent.net online edition.

“Over 60% of respondents said in the New Year they would like to get as a gift a gadget. And 21% of those surveyed called journey,” the report reads. In addition, 6% of Ukrainians would be happy to get a gym membership. Interestingly, if earlier girl’s best friends were diamonds, so now only 5% of female respondents want to get jewelry as New Year’s gift.

Despite stereotypes, less than 4% of respondents would prefer a fur coat. Of the options scored fewer votes were the following: household appliances, clothing gift voucher, exclusive pets, perfumes, expensive cosmetics, gift vouchers for shoes or bags, etc.

The poll was conducted in Citrus retail stores, on the chain’s website, as well as on the VKontakte page. The survey polled more than 4,000 people throughout Ukraine.

Source: Ukrinform

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