Ukrainian student recognized world’s most proficient in Chinese

Kyrylo Chuyko, 21, won the First Prize in the 12th Chinese Bridge, Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students. Now Chuyko is the honorary ambassador of the Chinese language to Ukraine. His prize is an opportunity to get his MA or PhD at any university in China with tuition, accommodation, and transport costs covered by the organizers of the international competition.

Just in June 2013, Chuyko graduated from the Kyiv National Linguistic University with honors. He got a BA in Philology, becoming a professional Chinese interpreter. Last year, Ukrainian student studied Chinese in Beijing for six months, reports

In the competition in China, Chuyko has beaten 180 other participants from all corners of the world. He received 94 points out of 100 for his written assignment and even sang a song in Chinese as part of the competition. Chuyko became the only European participant among the top five finalists of the Chinese Bridge. Other countries making it to the top five of the competition included Australia, Canada, South Korea, and Sudan.

“Never in my life had I an experience similar to this competition,” shared Kyrylo Chuyko in his exclusive comment for Worldwide News Ukraine. “I got acquainted with various cultures as I spent time with the participants of the international competition, which lasted between July 1 and July 30,” said the excited winner from Ukraine. “It was a great language practice for me.”

Talking about the most exciting tasks in the competition, Chuyko mentioned a quest in Hangzhou. The participants had to solve logic problems in order to make their way through labyrinths of the local park. Top 15 moved to another Chinese city to show off their cooking skills. Chuyko was assigned to the blue team, which had to catch and then cook a sweet and spicy fish meal for the judges.

Another highlight of the competition for Chuyko was the theatrical performance he prepared with a fellow participant during the top 10 part of the Chinese Bridge. The performance focused on the local wedding customs – the participants had to recreate traditional preparation of a bride for the wedding ceremony.

Source: WNU-Ukraine

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