Ukrainian ecologist asked Yanukovych to grant citizenship to dolphins

These are not so fresh news, but the point is interesting. (October 2010)
Director of the Kiev Ecological and Cultural Center Vladimir Boreiko called Viktor Yanukovych in an open letter to give the Dolphins their civil rights.

“I ask you to consider giving the Ukrainian dolphins, by analogy with the people, the status of Ukrainian citizens, providing them with rights to life, liberty and protection from unlawful suffering caused by man” – said Boreyko. (Spelling and style of the original here and save – approx. “Heathcliff!”)

According to the ecologist, it’s time to fundamentally solve the issue of protection of dolphins, “showcased the world subject to follow.” Boreyko proposed banning commercial dolphin, in which animals are most susceptible to abuse.

In his address, Director ecocenter appeals to numerous studies confirming the high degree of brain development in dolphins. Dolphin inherent identity and division by individuals who, in addition, think about the future “- told, in particular, he said.

Vladimir Boreiko believes that the civil rights of dolphins should be fixed in the Constitution. “In the judicial law is necessary to provide the opportunity to participate in trials of dolphins to protect their rights, using the Institute of trustees,” – he said.

Ecologist has expressed hope that “human tradition” Ukrainian dolphins will be the beginning of a new era of fair and humane treatment of animals throughout the world.


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