Ukrainian cadets won World Sailing Championship

Ukrainian cadets Ihor Lvov and Vladyslav Yamenko took the first place in the 2013 Cadet World Championship with 53 points. British team, consisting of Arran Holman and Lucie Offord, came second. Belarusian athletes Nastassia Kryutsova and Veranika Melnichdnak were third.

The total of 67 teams joined the competition in Nieuwpoort, Belgium. Countries that joined the event included Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Poland. The championship was held on July 25 – August 3, 2013, under the auspices of His Royal Highness Prince Philippe of Belgium. According to the rules of the championship, helm and crew participating in the competition had to be 17 or under years of age and be members of a national cadet class association.

Lvov and Yamenko have previously won the Central Europe Cup 2012. In May 2013, the athletes took the first spot in the cadet category at the WindMaster Regatta 2013, held in Kyiv. Joining the first competition for the National Ukraine Cup, also in May 2013, Lvov and Yamenko came first in their category with the total of 17 points, based on the results of 12 races.

Other Ukrainian teams participating in the competition took the seventh, eighth, thirteenth, twenty fourth, and thirty ninth spots in the results table.

The map of Ukraine is rich with numerous rivers and lakes, as well as the Black and Azov Seas on its southern borders. This prompted development of many water sports in the country, including sailing. Just in January 2013, Ukrainian sailing team proved its high skills by winning the International Cadet Class World Championship, held on Hobart’s River Derwent at the Australian island Tasmania.

Ukrainian ship Tasmanian Devil under the command of Oleksandr Izarov and Andriy Kalinchuk gained the winning 32 points in the event. Moreover, the runner-up of the competition was another Ukrainian team – Danyil Martynov and Pavlo Merezhko. They fell behind by only two points and won silver medals in the championship. A duo from the UK took the third place.

Ukraine is also the host to one of the top sailing events in Eastern Europe – WindMaster Regatta. It takes place near the capital of Ukraine, at the so-called Kyiv Sea, an artificial body of water with the surface area of 922 km2 and the length of 12 kilometers.

Source: WNU-Ukraine

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