Ukraine will not Revise Immigration Quotas for Foreigners

Ukraine does not plan to revise the immigration quotas for foreigners in the near future, first deputy head of the Migration Service of Ukraine Viktor Sheibut has noted.

“These quotas operate almost constantly and can not be selected. For example, North Africa and Afghanistan consider Ukraine as a transit country due to the language barrier,” he said.

He noted that Ukraine does not have and will not have severe restrictions for migrants, such as in the Russian Federation.

Ukraine, according to Sheibut, can adapt labor migrants to work legally here and pay taxes.

According to the Migration Service, Ukraine needs 300 thousand foreign workers every year in order to preserve the demographic balance.

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Visa requirements for foreigners entering Ukraine

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The State Migration Service (SMSU) says for today there are more than 247,000 foreign citizens constantly residing in Ukraine and more than 71,000 foreigners living here temporarily. – SMSU chief Mykola Kovalchuk reported.

“For today we have registered more than 247,000 foreigners who are permanently residing in Ukraine, and over 71,000 – temporarily. Mostly, these are persons from the CIS countries. Most of all from Russia, the countries of the Caucasus region,” he said.

Kovalchuk noted that in Ukraine there is no problem with foreign domination. “There are international statistics and researches, according to which the number of foreign nationals in the country does not exceed a 10% limit of the total population of the country. We are far from this figure, and we hope that we will not reach it even in the medium term.”

The SMSU chief added that his agency builds migration policies based on the experience of European countries, which faced the problem of a large number of migrants.

In April, the State Border Service recorded a stable trend for reducing the number of illegal migrants and changes in the structure of migration flows.


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