Ukraine 4th in Media Freedom Index Among Eastern Partnership States

Ukraine ranks fourth among the six countries of the Eastern Partnership initiative on the Media Freedom Index, ahead of Belarus and Azerbaijan.

“According to the index, Moldova ranks first, Georgia second, Armenia and Ukraine are third and fourth, respectively, and fifth and sixth places went to Azerbaijan and Belarus. The purpose of the index is to identify the “pain points” of the six for subsequent lobbying for their decisions,” Andriy Kulakov, Programme Director at Internews-Ukraine, an international public organization, revealed such data during the round-table meeting in Kyiv.

Analyzing the results of the survey, Internews-Ukraine Project Coordinator Natalia Sad noted that despite the biggest progress made by Ukraine in its relations with the EU, the fourth spot in the Media Freedom Index points to an inadequate legislation and systemic violations of its compliance.

Also, the meeting participants presented the TOP 3 events that contributed to the development and protection of media freedom in the region and TOP 3 events that hindered the development of free media in the region for July-September 2013 in six countries of the Eastern Partnership. Speaking about Ukraine, the chief editor of the website Anatoliy Martsinovskiy said that the most negative trend in the media in Ukraine for three months in 2013 became a cyber attack on the journalists’ mailboxes in order to discredit them and the creation of a clone of the Ukrayinska Pravda on-line edition.

At the same time, according to Martsinovskiy, a positive aspect is a judgment on the case of Olha Snitsarchuk and Vladyslav Sodel, as well as submission to the second reading of the bills on public broadcasting, denationalization of the media and the repeal of the bill No. 3301 on amendments to the law on access to public information “which could significantly complicate the work of journalists.”


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