Top 10 countries who adopt Ukrainian children

Ukrainian orphans are less likely to find moms and dads abroad. In the first six months of this year, foreigners have adopted 295 children in Ukraine, and last year 806 Ukrainian kids were adopted. Although six years ago this figure was twice as high and reached 1,670 children, according to “Vesti”.

As for geography of adopters, according to Pavlenko, USA remains in first place, because parents from America are willing to adopt children with special needs. Italy is in the second place and it is explained by the similarities of Ukrainian and Italian mentality.

On the picture:
The number of Ukrainian children adopted by foreign families in the years 2006 – 2012:
USA – 3548
Italy – 2699
Spain -1116
France – 470
Canada – 269
Israel – 241
Germany – 158
Slovenia – 28
Mexico – 25
Guatemala – 18

Adoption in Ukraine

In Russian:

Топ-10 стран, усыновляющих украинских детей

Украинские сироты все реже находят мам и пап за рубежом. За первые шесть месяцев этого года иностранцы усыновили в Украине 295 детей, за весь прошлый — 806. Хотя еще шесть лет назад показатель был в два раза выше и достигал 1670 человек, сообщают Вести.

Что касается географии усыновителей, то, по данным Павленко, США остаются на первом месте, потому что там готовы принимать детей с особыми потребностями. Второе место Италии объясняют схожестью нашего менталитета и итальянского.


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  1. Maybe the number is down because the regulations may have changed, as in Russia. I don’t know this for sure, maybe someone here could confirm or deny this. And I’m sure the economy may have something to do with it.

  2. Yes, you are right, Harry. The laws are changing making it harder to adopt kids without health problems and disabilities. Before any child is put up for international adoption they are first exclusively available to the child’s relatices, then only to Ukrainians. There is a ban to adopt children under 5 yo for foreign families. And as I know there is a suggestion (June, 2013) to completely ban adoptions by foreigners.

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