Half of Ukrainians use foul language

One in two Ukrainians use profanity against 40 percent of those surveyed who never cursed, according to a survey conducted by Research & Branding Group.

“Almost half of the people in the country admit that they use bad words (49%), while another 12% said they do not use abusive language now, but have used before. At the same time, 40% of Ukrainians have never used swear words and phrases,” R & B Group said in a report on its official website.

Among the Ukrainians who use profanity, a third said they do so only in exceptional cases (35%), about the same number – rather rare (32%), and one in four do it frequently (27%).

The respondents admitted that they used foul language to improve speech emotionality (48%), removing mental stress (45%) or painful shock (28%).

The survey also found that 9 out of 10 Ukrainians (93%) know profanity language against only 6% who do not know such words. In most cases, 88% face abusive language in the street, 31% at workplace and 30% among friends and acquaintances (30%).

Also, men use obscene language most often (67%), women – twice as rare (34%).

The majority of Ukrainians believe that the best method of dealing with profanity will be self-control, when every person controls his/her speech (66%). More than a third of those surveyed believe that to eliminate expletives it is better to inculcate the culture of speech through literature, arts, and through the media (37%). While one in five preferred methods of administrative control over profanity – banning foul language legally and bringing violators to imprisonment or imposing fines (21%).

The survey was conducted August 20-31, 2013 in 24 regions of Ukraine, AR Crimea, cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol.

Source: Ukrinform

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