Coin “UEFA EURO 2012 Ukraine-Poland” wins award of international competition

Commemorative coin “UEFA. EURO 2012. Ukraine-Poland” won the audience award at the international competition, the NBU website reported.

“The commemorative coin “UEFA. EURO 2012. Ukraine-Poland” won the victory in the “Audience Award” at the Seventh International Competition “Constellation of Coins 2013.” Announcement of results and awarding at the Seventh International Competition “Constellation of Coins 2013″ was held during the Fourth International Conference and exhibition of coins named “COINS 2013,” held September 26-28 in Moscow,” the report says.

To participate in this prestigious numismatic competition, commemorative coins were presented from 30 countries that were put into circulation from January 1 to December 31, 2012. It is more than 270 commemorative coins and 28 coin series.

The competition was held in nine major categories. In each of the nominations, absentee voting of the expert jury members determined the winning coin and coins that won second and third places. The tenth category named the “Audience Award” is defined by the results of voting on the official page of the competition organizer in the Internet.

Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Vira Rychakivska is genuinely satisfied with this result. “I think the commemorative coin “UEFA. EURO 2012. Ukraine -Poland,” which is dedicated to an important international sports event, is really worth winning. It is the result of many years of joint work of national banks of Poland and Ukraine and has a double face value of UAH 10 and PLN 10,” she noted.

Rychakivska emphasized that the National Bank refers to the issue of commemorative coins with great responsibility, following the principles of providing high standards of quality coinage and artistic embodiment of ideas. High quality of our commemorative coins was confirmed by numerous prizes at major international competitions and festivals.

Vira Rychakivska reported that over nine months of 2013, circulation of commemorative coins minted by the National Bank of Ukraine exceeded 400,000 units. Since the year start, the NBU introduced into circulation 27 types of coins (18 items), of which 12 – silver coins, 14 – of base metal (12 – nickel silver, 2 – bimetal) and 1 gold coin. In view of the growing needs of our citizens in the NBU numismatic products, the bank cares about raising their accessibility by improving manufacturing processes and expanding the product range and sales points.

In the competition “Constellation of Coins 2013,” in addition to the commemorative coin “UEFA. Euro-2012. Ukraine-Poland” the NBU introduced a coin “Year of the Snake,” “Antique Shipping,” “World Year of the Bat,” “Malva,” “Ukrainian Lyric Song,” “Synagogue in Zhovkva,” “Yeletsky Holy Dormition Monastery,” “Freshwater Sterlet” and “200 Years of Nikitsky Botanical Garden.” Some of them also received this year’s victory in different categories in the competition “Best Coin of the Year of Ukraine.”

Source: Ukrinform

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