15 Russian TV Channels Banned in Ukraine

Kyiv administrative regional court has banned re-translation of broadcasts by 15 Russian TV channels on Ukrainian television and in its cable network, the press service of the Ukrainian Council for radio and television said Tuesday, citing the Council head, Yuri Artyomenko.

“At present, a monitoring of Ukrainian and Russian language TV channels has been conducted which has an informational and publicist character,” – Artyomenko said.

The list of banned channels includes Channel One. Global Network, RTR Planeta, NTV Mir, Russia 24, TVCI, Rossiya 1, NTV, TNT, St. Petersburg Channel 5, Zvezda, Ren TV, RBC TV, Life News, RT and History Channel.

In July, a Ukrainian court banned Russian Channel One. Global Network, RTR Planeta, Russia 24, NTV Mir and TV Center International (TVCI) at the request of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting. Initially, the list was to include 14 Russian TV channels.

Source: qha.com.ua

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  1. This crisis in Ukraine is becoming something serious. Ukraine is now a divided country. This kind of conflicts only bring division, sadness and hate among people who came from the same roots. This kind of things should not been happening in the middle of 21st century.

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