Poshtova Square will be opened for traffic on August 8

Traffic on the underway crossing on Poshtova Square will be opened on August 8, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Vilkul announced this on Tuesday in Kiev.

“On August 8, a continuous traffic will be opened in the underway crossing on Poshtova Square,’ Vilkul said.

According to him, opening of the object will allow considerably increasing carrying capacity of this road junction. “Now, 85,000 automobiles a day pass here, and following its opening there will be over 110,000,” the official said.

Vilkul noted that all works on the Poshtova Square reconstruction will be completed until the New Year. “Another underway crossing will be constructed with reconstruction and improvements on Poshtova Square,” he said.

According to Vilkul, the Ukrainian government helps the city create continuous traffic highways. “These are six objects from the Stolychne highway to Obolon. Five of them have been already built, including the Havan Bridge. Poshtova Square, the last of them, will be constructed without fail this year,” he said.

Total cost of Poshtova Square reconstruction, according to Vilkul, is over UAH 400 million. Out of these, UAH 230 million has been already financed.

Source: Ukrinform

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