Online map of Kyiv WC

Where to go or where to run? Ukrainian restrooms are among those complaints you hear constantly from tourists.

Some great guys decided to start a very useful WC project – “Tell me about free toilets, save your friend from shame, and your city – from stink and unpleasant surprises in the back streets and elevators.

On the interactive map, anyone can share a public toilet he/she used or knows about. You just need to move the icon to the desired location and add a description. The creator and the author of the project is a non-profit organization “Ekolo Okolo”. Its members say that everybody who cares about the environment first of all should take care about things around themselves.

There is a desktop and mobile versions of the interactive map of toilets.

Some users instead of public toilets indicate parks and alleys on a map, so there is a moderator who deletes such points. Users also set cafes and restaurants on the map, so “Ekolo Okolo” activists are planning to check all of them soon to make sure that there is no problem to use their restrooms.

This interactive map is the first project of the organization, but members of the movement are already working on implementing some other ideas.

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