Kyiv Will Get rid of Frunze and Dzerzhinsky

The Commission of the Kyiv City Council on renaming will recommend to the Kyiv Council to return historical names to Frunze Street in Podilsky district and Dzerzhinsky Square (Lybidska metro station) in Pechersky district.

13 members of the Commission, who attended the meeting, voted for this decision at the meeting on Thursday.

In particular, a historical name of Kyrylivska Street is offered to be returned to Frunze Street and Dzerzhinsky Square will be renamed Lybidska.

As Kyiv Council Secretary Oleksiy Reznikov told reporters after the Commission meeting, a decision on return of these historical names will be submitted to the Kyiv Council session on November 13. In general, the renaming list currently contains over 80 Kyiv streets.


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