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Kyiv, Ukraine @ GoKiev.info

Kiev / Kyiv..... one of the greatest cities in Europe. Honore de Balzac, the famous French novelist, wrote: "Petersburg is a young city, Moscow is an ancient city, but Kyiv is the eternal city. It is a Northern Rome."

Welcome to GoKiev.info - Cinemas in Kiev (Kyiv)

     Cinema entertainment is developing in Kiev. A lot of annual cinema presentations and festivals are held in the city. During the festivals you can enjoy the movie in its original version. Ukraina cinema is the most popular venue for the festivals. All movies are dubbed into Ukrainian and more often it's even impossible to hear English ! Recently it was mainly in Russian, but with the change of the legislation, all movies became either dubbed or subtitled in Ukrainian. Butterfly cinema gives you several choices, and movies could be in English but with Ukrainian subtitles.

Cinemas in Kiev (Kyiv)

Ukraina Cinema

Ukraina Cinema

Address: 5, Gorodetskogo Street. Nearest Metro Stops: Khreschatik (red line)
Ticket Reservation: (044) 279 82 32 / 279 67 50
Auto Responder: (044) 279 63 02 / 279 63 01

Ukraina Cinema (only in Ukrainian)


Batterfly Cinema

Batterfly DeLux: Address: 50, Gorkogo Street. Nearest Metro Stop: Respublikans'ky Stadion (blue line)
Ticket Reservation: (044) 206 13 22
Auto Responder: (044) 206 13 20
Batterfly Ultramarine: Address: 1, Uryts'kogo Street. Nearest Metro Stop: Vokzal'na (red line)
Ticket Reservation: (044) 206 03 07
Auto Responder: (044) 206 03 50 / 206 03 60
Batterfly in Petrivka: Address: 6, Moskovs'ky Prospekt (Chervonykh Kazakiv). Nearest Metro Stops: Petrivka (blue line)
Ticket Reservation: (044) 206 13 22
Auto Responder: (044) 206 13 20

Batterfly Cinema (only in Russian)


Odessa Cinema

Odessa Cinema

–ědessaKino in the hopping mall Ukraina: Address: 3, Peremogy Square.
Ticket Reservation: (044) 496 15 11
Auto Responder: (044) 496 15 51
–ědessaKino in the shopping mall Karavan: Address: 12, Lugova Street. Nearest Metro Stops: Obolon or Mins'ka& (blue line)
Ticket Reservation: (044) 495 17 70
Auto Responder: (044) 495 17 71

Odessa Cinema (only in Russian)


Liniya Kino Cinema

Liniya Kino in the shopping mall Metropolis : Address: 12, Malynovs'kogo Street. Nearest Metro Stop: Obolon (blue line)
Ticket Reservation: (044) 585 14 05
Auto Responder: (044) 521 30 01
Liniya Kino in the shopping mall Aladdin: Address: 5, Gryshka Street. Nearest Metro Stop: Poznyaky (green line)
Ticket Reservation: (044) 200 01 90
Auto Responder: (044) 521 30 01
Liniya Kino in the shopping mall Magellan: Address: 13b, Prospect akad. Glushkova.
Ticket Reservation: (044) 496 13 35
Auto Responder: (044) 521 30 01

Liniya Kino Cinema (only in Russian)

Liniya Kino


Kinopalats Cinema

Kinopalats Cinema

Address: 1, Instytuts'ka Street. Nearest Metro Stop: Maydan Nezalezhnosti (blue line)
Ticket Reservation: (044) 490 70 60
Auto Responder: (044) 278 72 23

Kinopalats Cinema (only in Russian)


Kyiv Cinema

Address: 19, Chervonoarmiys'ka (Velyka Vasyl'kivs'ka) Street. Nearest Metro Stop: Ploscha L'va Tolstogo (blue line)
Ticket Reservation: (044) 234 73 81
Auto Responder: (044) 251 21 99

Kyiv Cinema (only in Russian)

Kyiv Cinema


Kinopalats Cinema

Multiplex Cinema

Multiplex Komod: Address: 4, Lunachars'kogo Street.
Ticket Reservation: (044) 593 35 77
Auto Responder: (044) 593 35 80

Multiplex Cinema (only in Russian)


Zhovten' Cinema

Address: 26, Konstyantynivs'ka Street. Nearest Metro Stop: Kontraktova Ploscha (blue line)
Ticket Reservation: (044) 417 27 02
Auto Responder: (044) 205 59 51

Zhovten' Cinema (only in Russian)

Zhovten' Cinema


Kyivs'ka Rus' Cinema

Kyivs'ka Rus' Cinema

Address: 93, Artema Street. Nearest Metro Stop: Lukyanivs'ka (green line)
Ticket Reservation: (044) 486 74 74 / 486 82 73
Auto Responder: (044) 461 80 61

Kyivs'ka Rus' Cinema (only in Russian)


Suputnyk Cinema

Address: 18, Iskryvs'ka Street.
Ticket Reservation: (044) 243 46 32
Auto Responder: (044) 243 46 33

Suputnyk Cinema (only in Russian)

Zhovten' Cinema







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